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Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Café Su’ ã Dá

Recipe by Jenny Lam

Café Su’ ã Dá

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Recipe by Jenny Lam

Prep Time

10 min





Whether you use a drip filter or coffee shots, this will keep you buzzing for hours. The secret to a great Café Sua Da is getting the right balance of condensed milk and coffee — it should be strong but with a touch of sweetness. It’s short and concentrated so, to ensure the proper experience, sip it slowly, allowing the ice to melt and gradually loosen the coffee


sweetened condensed milk
90ml Vietnamese espresso
crushed ice (cubed is not the same!)

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Pour sweetened condensed milk up to 1cm straight into a tall glass. Add coffee and mix until combined.

The mixture should be a dark brown colour and coat the back of the spoon.

Add the ice gradually, pushing it down into the liquid until the glass is filled.



If you are making this for a bunch of people, traditionally we would still make each one individually. The visual layering in the glass helps guarantee perfect ratios and taste each time and zero wastage pouring from one vessel to another.


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