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Back Story

Watch the magic unfold, find out how Eat like a Viet was born.


Discover Vietnam through my eyes, I’ll take you to the coolest spots to eat, hang out and get to know the locals!

Then let’s come back to our kitchens to cook the amazing food that the streets of Vietnam has to offer.


"If you’re lucky enough to visit Vietnam, soak up every experience. It will stay with you long after you’ve left."

Did you ever wonder why Vietnamese ladies are always covered head to toe when it's 30 degrees outside? It’s because, culturally, fair skin is desirable. It is associated with wealth and beauty, as it is assumed that if you have dark skin you must do hard labour and work outdoors

Do you know why Vietnamese fishermen use round boats like the one opposite? During the French colonial era taxes were levied on boats that the fishermen could not afford. In response, the fishermen designed circular woven baskets that floated but didn't look like aboat and therefore escaped the tax


Experiences & Inspiration

The bright colours, the aromas from hibachi grills, the noises from scooters all around me - Vietnam is truly a city that never sleeps and never stops eating!! Vietnam is a destination that arouses all your senses - come along on this delicious journey with me.

Meet the amazing people that made this cookbook happen.

Cookbook features

designed for you, the homecook


Section stitched

Ensures the cookbook lies flat when cooking – Never lose that recipe page again!

Linen hard cover

Smudge proof paper inside so cooking fingers are less likely to leave marks


Bookmark Ribbon

Keep your favourite page saved ready for you when you return!

A glimpse from behind the scenes

We cooked, ate and photographed 85 recipes in 8 days! Here are some photos from the best and most hectic days of our lives lol.

Don't try this at home! I lost all my arm hairs on this shot.

who knew where you place the herbs would be so important?

Kelly working her magic, photoshopping out the unwanted sauce spills


My cookbook has over 85 recipes. Find these and more in the book.​

Lemongrass Chilli Tofu

Dâu’ Hu Xào Sa O’t

Watermelon Coconut & Sago Pudding

Chè bôt báng

Lemograss Chilli Chicken

Gà Xào Sa O’t