Vietnamese Coffee Gift Set


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Imagine waking up to pristine beaches and coconut trees. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. You reach down and take a sip of your Vietnamese Iced Coffee. With just the right amount of sweetened condensed milk to offset the coffees slight bitterness. Pure bliss! Well now you can enjoy your very own Vietnamese coffee at home (minus the beaches and coconut trees!). With Eat like a Viet’s coffee set. Start your day right. Do you enjoy your coffee hot in the morning? Perhaps you would prefer to pour it over ice for an indulgent and refreshing afternoon pick me up? The choice is yours!

Included in this gift set you will get everything needed to have a traditional coffee in minutes. Just add boiling water! Included are your traditional coffee percolator. 500g Ground Traditional Vietnamese coffee. Sweetened condensed milk. And of course some chocolates to enjoy with your coffee.

Weight 1 kg

Cookbook features

designed for you, the homecook


Section stitched

Ensures the cookbook lies flat when cooking – Never lose that recipe page again!

Linen hard cover

Smudge proof paper inside so cooking fingers are less likely to leave marks


Bookmark Ribbon

Keep your favourite page saved ready for you when you return!