Christmas Gift Set


Product Details

The perfect foodie & home cook gift pack! Is a loved one of yours madly into food & travel? Even better, already a fan of Jenny’s cookbook?? Then why not extend the love affair by gifting them real practical tools & recipes from Eat Like a Viet?

This gift set includes:

1 x solid wood round 20cm x 20cm x 3cm chopping board

1 x Stainless steel cleaver with wooden handle

1 x 350g Spicy peanuts jar

1 x 275g Lemongrass chilli oil jar.

Total value of all products if purchased separately = $141.95.

All packaged up nicely in this kraft eco friendly recyclable and re-useable gift box. Comes with complete with Christmas ribbon & tags for your convenience.

Who’s it for? 

Anyone who loves cooking or eating!! The solid wood timber chopping board is not only a chef’s dream but hard to come by. Made in Vietnam, it is perfect for chopping that crackle roast pork or chopping your crispy chicken into smaller pieces with your cleaver to match, without breaking/ damaging any of the chopping boards at home. It’s thickness means it’s able to handle any heavy blow. Practical & great kitchen decor.

The lemongrass chilli oil is the perfect condiment to any meal, It adds ompht and flavour with every teaspoon added, eat straight out of the jar or add to a marinade for that extra spicy flavour boost.


Can be found under the individual food products back in our shop menu.

Cookbook features

designed for you, the homecook


Section stitched

Ensures the cookbook lies flat when cooking – Never lose that recipe page again!

Linen hard cover

Smudge proof paper inside so cooking fingers are less likely to leave marks


Bookmark Ribbon

Keep your favourite page saved ready for you when you return!